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*NEW* F2P DBS Super Saiyan Gogeta GAMEPLAY | Dragon Ball Legends (4th Year Anniversary)

We have NEW Gameplay of the Free To Play DBS Super Saiyan Gogeta for Dragon Ball Legends! showing off his combos, Green Card, Special and more! He will be officially coming out tomorrow for Dragon Ball Legends! He is part of the 4th Year anniversary! Here is a description of his kit:

[Event-Exclusive Super Saiyan Gogeta Is Coming!]

Draw a Strike Arts to get Strike DMG UP & cost DOWN (up to 5 times)!

Plus, when switched to standby, he'll raise all enemies' Strike DMG received and gradually heal!

He's a melee attacker with great debuffs!

And best of all, he's completely FREE! Super Saiyan Gogeta was of course, in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie in which he faced SSJ Broly. This version of Gogeta was "technically" in the game, but never officially playable until now. This takes into account english and japanese voices. Overall, I hope you enjoy the Video!


NEW Dragon Ball Super Super Saiyan Gogeta Gameplay

DBS Transforming Gogeta

DBS SSJ Gogeta VS DBS Full Power Broly

Fusion Dance

NEW F2P DBS Super Saiyan Gogeta Combos, Green Card, and Special Move.

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