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DBXV2: NEW DLC 14 Story Mode Cutscene, Custom SSJ4 Gogeta PARTNER & DBS 17 CAC Outfit REVEALED

Hey guys! Today, the official Dragon Ball website updated! And with that, we have some NEW information regarding Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2's DLC 14/Awakening Pack 1. Specifically, I cover these subjects. Timestamps are below

1. New Story Mode Content/Cutscene. It seems that Dabura will take control of Kid Buu in the Story Mode. And we'll have to face them.

2. We have the addition of new Custom Partners. That being SSJ4 Gogeta, Base Goku Black, Super Saiyan God Goku & Vegeta,and Super Baby Vegeta 2

3. NEW Loading Screens

4. DBS Android 17's Outfit will officially come for your CAC.

The release date of DLC 14/Awakening Pack 1 is still unknown. Regardless, I hope you enjoy


Intro: 0:00

Dabura and Kid Buu Cutscene: 0:18

All NEW Custom Partners: 1:12

New Loading Screens: 2:06

DBS 17 Outfit For CAC: 2:46


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Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta Custom Partner

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Dabura takes control of Kid Buu

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