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DBS BROLY APPEARS & BEATS DOWN SHALLOT! Rildo VS Shallot REMATCH!| DB Legends Story Part 12 Book 4

That’s right! The NEW STORY MODE CONTENT FOR DRAGON BALL LEGENDS IS OUT! Introducing DBS Broly into the Story Mode, along with the return of Basil and Lavender! To go into the specifics

It starts off with Shallot facing both members from the Trio Of Danger. However, DBS Broly comes into the fray, as Cheelai is taken hostage! Due to a bad misunderstanding, Broly faces off against Shallot in his Base Form!

We also see the reemergence of General Rildo! So yes, he will be fighting shallot in the next story Mode


Zahha Meets With Basil And Lavender: 0:00

Shallot, Nuova Shenron, Giblet and Cheelai Converse: 2:37

Shallot Meets Basil and Lavender again: 9:06

Broly Returns: 15:56

Broly VS Shallot: 24:38

Dragon Ball Legends Story Mode Part 12 Book 4 Chapters 1-7

Super Warrior Broly

Shallot VS DBS Broly

Cheelai Taken Hostage

Shallot VS General Rildo

Dragon Ball Legends 4th Year Anniversary

Cheelai Taken Hostage