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Majin Ultra Vegito Destroys Majin Ultra Buu, 1st of Five Strongest Appears To Eliminate God Killer

Majin Ultra Vegito Eliminates Majin ultra Buu, 1st of Five Strongest Guts Appears To Eliminate God Killer

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0:00 -Intro

0:38 -Recap

0:44 -Ultra Majin Buu shows his Full power and destroys Vegito

6:28 -Final Ultra Vegito Appears in front of Majin Ultra Buu

8:31 -Vegito begins his assault on Majin Ultra Buu

12:51 -Ultra Vegito Ready to Finish Majin Ultra Buu

15:52 -Ultra Vegito tries to absorb Buu

16:11 -1st of Five Strongest Appears in front of Vegito

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